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Areas of research and publications:
Philosophy of Psychiatry, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Technology, Ethics of Technology, Philosophy of Risk Analysis & Risk Communication, Neuroethics


B.A. in Philosophy (Waseda University, 1991), M.A. in Philosophy (The University of Tokyo, 1993), D.Litt. in Philosophy (The University of Tokyo, 1996).


Kanto-Gakuin University, Lecturer in Philosophy (part-time, 1996-1997), Hokkaido University, Associate Professor of Ethics (April 1997- March 2008), The University of Tokyo, Associate Professor of the Department of History and Science, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Selected Publications:

  • Kohji Ishihara, "Mind, Brain and Machine: Actual State of Neurotechnologies,"Murata J. (ed.), Iwanami Koza Tetsugaku, vol. 5, Tokyo: Iwanami-Shoten, 175-194 (2008) (Japanese)
  • Kohji Ishihara, "Humanities & Social Sciences and Science & Technology Communication," Hokkaido University Communicators in Science and Technology Education Program (ed.), Let's Start! Science and Technology Communication, Kyoto: Nakanishiya-shuppan, 72-79 (2007) (Japanese)
  • Kohji Ishihara, "Reductionism in the synthetic approach in cognitive science and Phenomenology. Rethinking Dreyfus' critique of AI," in Cheung Chan-Fan and Yu-Chung-Chi (eds.), Phenomenology 2005, Volume I: Selected Essays from Asia, Zeta Books, Bucharest, Dec. 2007, pp. 211-228.
  • Kohji Ishihara, "Environmental Policy and Precautionary Principle," Public Policy Studies Association and Chuo University 21st Century COE program (eds.), Public Policy of Science & Technology, 78-82 (2007) (Japanese)
  • Kohji Ishihara, "Brain Reading and Phenomenological Investigation: Brain Imaging Technology and the Constitution of the Psychic Reality," Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference: Phenomenology for East-Asian Circle (PEACE): What is experience? - Perception, Science, and Life-World, Tokyo, JAPAN, September 22, 2006- September 25, 2006, pp. 89-95.
  • Kohji Ishihra, "How to Deal with Technological Risk," Hokkaido Society for the Study of Engineering Ethics (ed.), Omnibus Engineering Ethics, Tokyo: Kyoritsu-Shuppan, 23-35 (2007) (Japanese)
  • Kohji Ishihara, "Neuroethics in cultural and institutional settings: Toward a comparative study," 1st International Workshop of Neuroethics in Japan: Dialog on Brain, Society, and Ethics Conference Proceedings, Japan Science and Technology Agency, 2007, pp. 33-41
  • Kohji Ishihara and Ryoji Fujimoto, "Engineering Ethics and the Information and Knowledge Sciences," Journal of Japan Society of Information and Knowledge, 16(3), 2006, pp. 4-13 (Japanese)
  • Mamoru Fukamizu, Seiko Yoshida, Kohji Ishihara, "GMO Controversy in Japan over Test Growing of PEPC Transgenic Rice Plants," in M. Kaiser and M. Lien (eds.), Ethics and the Politics of Food. Preprints of the 6th Congress of the European Society for Agricultural and Food Ethics, Wageningen Academic Publishers (The Netherlands), 2006, pp. 175-179
  • Kohji Ishihara, "Life Technologies and Religious Views," The Annual Report on Cultural Science, Hokkaido University, Graduate School of Letters, Vol. 118 (February 2006), pp.23-33.
  • Kohji Ishihara, "Risk Communication and Engineering Ethics," Journal of Japanese Society for Engineering Education, 54(1), 2006, pp. 55-60 (Japanese)
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  • Kohji Ishihara, "Risk Analysis and Society. Ethics in Risk Assessment, Management, and Communication," Siso, Tokyo: Iwanamishoten, July 2004 (No.963), pp.82-101 (Japanese).